Aluminium carpenters in Montevideo, Uruguay

Business and shutters factory in montevideo, shutters, curtains microperforated, blinds, keeping curtains, curtains made, repairing curtains, metal curtains.

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Cortinas Metálicas Cormeta

Business and shutters factory in Montevideo, shutters, curtains microperforated, Blinds, keeping curtains, curtains made, repairing curtains, metal curtains.
Damaso Antonio Larrañaga 4359 - Jardines del Hipódromo - Montevideo - Uruguay

Aliarte Aberturas de Aluminio

We are dedicated to the construction of aluminum and glass openings and high performance standard, shower doors as well as their placement also using dry work.
Millan 3215 y americo vespucio - Atahualpa - Montevideo - Uruguay

Glass shops in Uruguay
Glassmaking. Sale and installation of all types of glass. Mirror acrylic screens for bath. Blindex aluminum works. Openings. ...

Vidrieria Ellauri

Skylights are made
Placement crystals: aluminum and wood

24 hours service
Every day of the year, including Saturdays and Sundays
Visits and free estimates
Jose Ramirez y Machies - Barrio Placido Ellauri - Casavalle - Montevideo - Uruguay

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